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Fuel injectors for 3SFE change in Gen2

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Techie question here....

Several months back we replaced the injectors on a 3SFE engine in a 1987 Camry. The replacement injectors came from a 1988 3SFE and had a slightly diffrent plug along with the Injectors themselves being a different color. The original 1987 injectors were grey body and the ones from the 88' were blue body. At the time we surmised the difference was most likely in flow rates and proceeded to swap out the injectors along with the plugs from the 88' harness.

The car has run well since the swap, however someone pointed out the resistance of the new injectors may cause undue strain on the 87' ECU and cause it to burn out prematurely. So I did a little homework and here is what I found.

Injector specs

So my question is this: 1 Since there is a resitance difference should I change out the ECU in the car? 2. If I leave this the way it is, will it hurt anything? As it seems to me the ECU's I've seen from both years should actually be the same.
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If the ECU hasn't burned out by now, you are fine. Injectors for all the 3s-fe motors in the gen2 Camry were high-impedance. Flow rates may be different by a few percent, but nothing the ECU can't tune out all by itself.

Good! Because I wouldn't want to have it come back to bite me later. I sold the car to someone I know. Wouldn't want him to come and break something 'cause I screwed up.
Gray = 1.7 ohm

Blue = 13.8 ohm

Since your using higher impedance injectors on a ECU designed for low impedance, it should work fine.

Higher impedance/resistance = less current.

However you can't go the other way around though (low impedance injectors on a ECU designed for high impedance injectors). You'll fry the drivers (transistors) in the ECU if you don't use a resistor pack.

This is a very nice injector resource page to help you figure out what injectors are a perfect fit for your toyota vehicle.
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