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fuel line splice/drop tank

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Has anyone dropped the fuel tank by making a breakpoint in the fuel line. What kind of fitting did you use to splice the fuel line?
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Why would you do it this way? Seems like a lot of unnecessary work. And what are you doing with the tank?

Electric fuel pump failure and replacement. The fitting on the rubber flex segment will not come apart. Lots of flare wrenching and pb blaster. It is a flare fitting on the 8mm steel fuel hardline. I want to drop the fuel pump hanger to wiggle the hanger/pump back into the tank. Reassemble all.
I snipped mine and replaced it with rubber fuel line and fuel line clamps. Lengthened the lines a little so dropping the tank would be easy in the future.
The fuel line fittings were loose enough to swivel and get the fuel pump hanger back in the tank. Reassembled with new Denso fuel pump. Runs good.
There you go.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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