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90 Camry Wagon V6
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I am nearly 200 miles from home in Detroit, MI.
I stopped at a light and smelling gas, stopped and checked and I saw gas dripping from the Pulsation Damper, aka Fuel Pressue Regulator from my 90 camry v6.

next time I drove I kept the car idling and checked it again and it was NOT visibly dripping.

I called toyota and they have the damper in stock, 78$, I bought one,
is this something that I can tackle, I can see the damper, can I take it off without taking off the intake?

FYI: the dealer wants 1.3 hours of labor, i.e. $130

also, how do I depressurize the fuel system? I guess the leaky damper is doing it for me, but just in case, is there a fuse I can pull?

arr it will be a long day tomorrow.
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