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Fuel Pump Assembly for 2007 Camry 2.4l Japan Built

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Does anyone have a fuel pump assembly part number for a 2007 Camry 2.4l Japan Built? All I can find on sites like rockauto and others are USA built fuel pump assembly. Any guidance is appreciated.

The build that I'm doing didnt have a fuel tank or this the pump assembly.
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i would think the japan built wont would be the same
I'm looking for the same thing. All I find is the fuel pump but not the assembly. Have you been able to find the assembly?
Let me check locally and see if there is a difference
They all say usa. I'd call Toyota and ask or do what I do. Go to junk yard and pluck a usa built one and see if it works. I have found a lot of usa parts work on Japan build and vice versa
I'll call around and see what I can find
Were you able to find anything?
Were you able to find anything?
Nope. I called every salvage yard in a 50 mile radius and no one has it. I find it strange they don't sell it at part stores.
I am trying one for a 2006 Camry because it said it is made for the Japan build one. Same specs and the 2.4l engine.
if the usa built pump 100 percent matches the japan one than just use that one. iv changed a lot of 07 to 09 Camry fuel pump assemblies and im sure at least one of those was a japan Camry and always used the same Delphi pump
The Delphi assembly I used the fuel gauge didn’t work. Now after a week the pump doesn’t keep pressure, I’ll post when I get the new on installed.
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