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Dropped tank. Fuel pump failure.
Is Denso the go to fuel pump?
The pump plus black rubber isolator is no longer supplied together by Toyota.
23220-16070 Denso no longer supplied includes isolator
23220-16080 Aisan no longer supplied includes isolator.
23249-16010 Rubber cushion (isolator black rubber) no longer supplied?
Aftermarket denso pumps do not include the black rubber isolator. That's a big problem.

While the tank is down what is a good way to clean the particulate out?

1984 Celica Supra P-type MK2, 5MGE,175K mi. 5sp manual. in tank electric (denso?) fuel pump...simply wore out.

Note. It did not turn at first. Infinite ohms. After, jostling 10 ohms. Apply 12 vdc it turns rough. It must be old, ugly in there. Better this happens in the driveway instead of along side the road. Better to change it out now.

Thanks a bunch,
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