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Fuel Pump Issues

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I have a 1993 1.8 dx wagon. Parked it last night, tried to start it a few hours later, and it cranks at regular speed but will not start. Fuel was low but should have still had a few gallons, and then thinking it might have been out of gas, I added a few more gallons. I cannot hear the fuel pump priming, even with someone else turning the key to on and my ear above the fuel pump under the seat. I have also checked what I think are all applicable fuses to do with efi and starting. It it normal for the fuel pump to quit with no warning? Should I check anything else, or is it likely the pump?
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Im not a expert in this but i had a 2000 Chevy impala that just quit working one day with no signs of a bad fuel pump. So i think its possible. Try what this guy says seems like a good idea to see if your fuel pump is working.
The connector is easy to get at. check for power at the pump when you turn it on. I've also used a battery charger to power up a pump to fill the lines when they have been replaced.

If it runs when you add power, its an electrical problem.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Any idea which pins carry current on the plug that goes to the pump from above the tank? I should be able to watch for power when the ignition is turned on? And if I were to connect say a 12v drill battery to those same sockets from the plug on the pump side, and the pump didn't power up then I would know it was dead?
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