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The car wont start and acts like its running out of gas ( it has gas)

i pulled the fuel pump out and the pump ran when i connected it to the battery so i put it back together and put it back in the tank
i plugged it up and turned the key on, no sound of pump running
unplugged it and see no voltage at terminals
i got my wife to come out and turn the engine over and see a little less than 6 volts at the pump terminals when the engine is cranking but nothing when the engine is not turning
i've already swapped the only relay marked as fuel related with another identical relay and still the same and i can find no fuse marked as fuel related
i guess i'm going to pull all the fuses and check them b/c the guide on the fuse box cover is worn on the section describing fuses
Could it be something else such as a sensor or is it the fuel pump?
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