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Fuel Pump shut off relay / 92 Camry ?

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Hi all,

I can't get back to work until I get my ride running, this is one of the nagging items, I've searched the car and the internet to find out if and
where a fuel shut off relay might be if there is one.

1992 Camry Le 2.2 EFI.
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under the hood,inside fuse and relay box,EFI relay
under the hood,inside fuse and relay box,EFI relay
We found the on/off relay , but are looking for A' Fuel Pump shut off relay that is triggered by a jolt or accident etc, if there is in fact one of those in a 1992.
i do not no where that is,sorry
i think it is not relay, is actually a reset button.

We popped loose the fitting on top of the Fuel Filter and found tons of pressure.
There seems to be no spark, not great at checking that though.
The 2 conductor cable (ylw/red) that goes into the side of the distributer is showing
12 volts with key on, we ordered a new coil that should be inside the distributer and will install it in the morning.
"There seems to be no spark, not great at checking that though"

You need a digital volt/ohmeter and the specs from any manaul to check it.

"we ordered a new coil that should be inside the distributer and will install it in the morning."

That's usually the culprit when there is a no spark condition on any of the first 3 generations of Camrys; especially when these cars rack up lot's of miles on them.


New coil was the cure, the coil is located within the distributer, you need to take it out to be able to unscrew/unbolt the coil from the distributer frame, it is really tough to pull it from the motor, but dont give up, it's a tight seal just keep working it out from the engine.
Read a shop manual, it warns you to replace the dist the to the exact position where you took it out, I think it says to bump the motor so the rotor points to cap wire #1 (something like that).
Mine was already in that spot, we marked with a black marker around the forward top bolt, and also made a cross mark at 12 O'clock where the dist housing mates with the block, that way it might go on close enough so the timming is pretty good.

Anyway the operation is pretty easy , we took off the air intake hose and disconnected the battery.

Started right up , ran rough for a bit then back to the sewing machine

Note: it runs funny until you put back the air filter and hoses as it's not calibrated to run without it.

No one chimmed in with a diffinitive answer to the op , maybe someday someone will have an answer lol

Thanks all for your help.

I love this car, it's a keeper.

250,000 miles
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It's strange that the site listed above:
Shows an inertia switch for the Camry's yet the service manuals never mention one. This must be some after market add on. I even check the actual wiring diagram for my 99 and it has no inertia switch. I believe that if the ECU does not see a tach signal (except when the ignition is in the start position) it will shut off the pump via EFI relay.
i read an article,it was written "only ford has an inertia switch".
the cars with air bag system,when the air bags activated by heavy accident,all the electrical system of car will be shut off so no need for inertia switch.
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