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Fuel Rail Hookup ?

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Howdy, I just finished installing rebuilt injectors, everything went together perfect, but when hooking up all the fuel lines by way of union bolt with crush washer/gasket on No 2 & No 3 fuel pipes. The FSM says to " install No 1 fuel pipe to the No 3 bearing cap with bolt " No mention of any gasket and the bearing cap bolt has like a lip on the bolt. I would like anybody that has does this would be very helpful, Thanks Steven Just to make sure, because after this the intake goes back on and if I have a leak everything would have to come back apart.
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You will need to use crush washers. I believe the original ones are aluminum, but copper will work too. Don't use fiber washers on fuel fittings. I think the pressure line is 12mm and the return is 10mm

I now see that you are talking about a V6. I'm not sue of the sizes on those. but the one on the fuel damper where the pressure line attaches is a special washer.
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