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I was speaking with Mark @ Fujita ( today about some parts for the Yaris. They had one at Sema this year and it was really nice. We were discussing the Yaris intakes that we received today for the manual and had some questions on fitment on the automatics. We also discussed the underbrace that they made for the car.

Long story short...

Fujita needs a couple Yaris to do test fitting of cold air intakes on. We've already worked with them to get them a couple Toyota Matrix for fitting, and the customers were very pleased with their dealings with Fujita.

Fujita would like an automatic Yaris sedan and hatch for test fitting. The volunteers will recieve a free intake.

If you're interested, please contact [email protected]

They would need your car for the day. They have the intake released for the manual already. They just want to test fit it to make sure there arent any fitment issues on the automatics.

Fujita Air
42136 Remington Ave
Temecula,CA 92590

Thanks in advance guys!
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