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I have acquired a second hard Camry with the above Radio/Cassette player. It
has a CD button on the console but no CD slot. It appears that this is for a
CD that correct???
In the boot there is a wire harness hanging out.
Is this for a CD stacker?
If so, can I buy any type of generic CD stacker that will plug into the

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i'm guessing you'll need a Toyota brand from eBay to plug into the
radio wiring.
If you find one, don't make the mistake I did - installing the CD on
top because I thought I'd use it more - that blocks the cooling holes
on the radio - ask me how I know.
Was able to find a replacement for something like $5 by searching the
internet by the model number of the old radio.
Got in a bidding war and paid a lot more for the original cd unit, but
wanted original appearance and I've pleased with it, though now I
sometimes have to insert a cd a couple of times before it works (and
yes I have run a cleaning disk)
The alternate is to just buy a newer radio and cd combination and also
buy the wiring connectors so you con't have to cut anything.
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