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FULL! Air ride setup for Corolla/Prizm.

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hey guys, im selling my air ride i aquired abbout 8 months aggo, but have decided that i want to get more into preformance, so im selling the air ride and will be looking for some coilovers. Air ride will be sold in 2 parts, the computer, and everything that goes with that. And the air struts. the air system is the digital easy street air system, witch will include everything + upgraded compressors. the air struts are HELIX air struts.

Easystreet air system, New-1300$ Asking price, 900$ + Shipping.
Helix air struts all 4, New-1600$ Asking price, 1000$ + shipping.

this system was barlet used as it was on a "show" car and now im getting more into preformance so i no longer want the air ride. Please email me at [email protected] if intrested as i check that every day and not as much here.
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