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Funny Body kit story for tha cam...

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Yaa so i brought my kit and my car down to this lil' Xtreme auto image place down tha street from me.. The place seamed sketchy although i figured they knew what they were doing.. i saw some of there work and it looks tight. I give tha guy who barely spoke english i gave half. which was 325$ cuz their charging me 650$. And the guy gives me NO receipt.. tells me to come back and tha next day to get one. cuz tha computers down or something. so i go back tha next day for my receipt.. yet again he cant give me one... two days later i get a call from my friend and he tells me he just saw two random doods driving my car around worcester... i'm like ohh great.. after that i went down there and wrote out my own receipt nad the guys just signed it.. lol. today i went by and their almost done. its gunna look tight..
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i would stake out that place and took video on it cause if they smashed your car that would have sucked
That's a funny story?

NEVER walk out without a receipt if you pay cash! Otherwise you're screwed if they decide to rip you off.

You should also note the mileage on the odometer and have them write it on the receipt when you drop off the car. A few miles for a test drive should be expected, but anything more than that means trouble. (And if they know you know the mileage they won't play around with it anyway.)
hwo is that funny there fucking with you, ur lucky if they dont mess anything up

next time get a reciept or some type of record about all the work and the details on your car
I don't understand how you are so calm about so much shady activity concerning your car. There are so many warning signals screaming that something is up.

But hey its your car if you are comfortable with it then thats cool, but whats the name of this place so can avoid it :D
easy on the flaming guys hes an idiot :rolleyes:

never go to a shady ass shop for body work.
ANY reputable body shop can attach a kit. go to your local dealer and ask who they send their body work, usually they'll give u a good shop.
never pay cash to a shady ass shop if they won't give u a receipt.
if your friend seen your car being driven by some weird ass dudes..why didn't he call u up and follow the fuckers?
hello..the guy doesnt speak english.
worcester sucks..get out of there asap.
UfoZ8myCow said:
^why the hell would you test drive a car when you put a body kit on it? that's rubbish.
curb clearance... scrape it in a few just to be sure :)
UfoZ8myCow said:
curb clearance? that should be the owners problem... not the body shop's...
exactly, and you're paying for the kit to get installed, not to get a kit prescratched.
call the bureau of small business or chamber of commerce for there lack of good business ethics..see what happens...but make sure you do it after you get your shit pimped....
ohh man o man im from worcester so i know good places to go why the hell did u take ur car to that dump they complete retards man i want there once to speak with them about car audio and they knew jack shit and then i went back there with my friends 626 and they knew jack shit for body kits and exhuast for him

dude im sorry but wrong move i could have recommended 5 other awesome places in worcester for ya bro sorry u had to do business with those shady guys
its funny for me:lol: i think its funny as hell

i checked the odometer.. they traveled a total of 7 miles.. we'll just see how my car comes out. that shit was shady but my cars almost done now and they arent driving it anymore cuz tha bumpers are off.. i got my receipt and shit.. so everythings okay now.. i mean i figured they just went to pick up lunch with it and stuff.. i'm not gettin my undies in'a bunch about 7 miles.. they charged me a low price and their molding my bumper lights in. That dood who's from worcester doesnt know anything.. i went to prolly every body shop you would prefere to me.. and there all stupid. they charge so much and shit. Go to their website their cars look sick.. they gotta nice camry they kitted on there as well. so w/e. i should have my car bak anyday now
look at tha site. their a lagit company.. their just shady as hellll.. i'll see how it looks wen its done. then i'll know if i got fucked or not.
sorry to get off topic but wat song is that on their site, sounds so familiar but i cant remember
Statiks said:
look at tha site. their a lagit company.. their just shady as hellll.. i'll see how it looks wen its done. then i'll know if i got fucked or not.
I don't know about you, but I couldn't click on anything from their site. looked like a geocities site to me.
Yaa wuts a geocities site anyways??
dude that place is soooo bad sorry Mark2000 nhen nyguen's place on cambridge street does some of the best work on the east coast
he takes HIN by storm
holy shit btw on their website the pics of millenia are stolen of the diamond audio website i saw that car in person the owners name is tom and he used to own precision auto sound in shrewsbury, ma that install is all diamond audio and that place does not sell diamond that shady shop he went to stole the images

if u need more proof or to tell the story better IM me @ daveeisner69
prnc_chrmng said:
its funny for me:lol: i think its funny as hell


Me too....and what's even funnier is that he's not even mad at them for jerking him.

He likes it! :bukkake: He likes it!
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