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Fuse location

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Ok the combination of it being cold as balls out, me being unfamiliar with the car, and sheer laziness prohibit me from figuring out myself. I need to know where the fuses are for the radio (it's an aftermarket pioneer so i don't know if it runs off the radio fuse), and the fuse that controls trunk light and interior courtesey lights. I really hope i didn't fry the radio. i was tightening connections as the radio was popping, i pushed two wires back together that were coming apart and i got a spark and no power.
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In my 04, the dome light fuse (located in engine bay) controls the trunklight, dome light, and my stock hu. Get your manual if you got one and read it inside where it's warm.
I have recently changed my fuse for the radio, Iam also using the Pioneer aftermarket radio. There are three fuse boxes in the car, two are under the hood and one is in dash on left hand side under the steering column behind the storage pocket. All you have to do is pull out the whole storage pocket which is very easy and your radio fuse is on the right side of the fuse board and it will be third from the top. You got to use the prong from the fuse box under the hood to pull out the fuse, prong is in the fuse box next to the air filter. The fuse no. is 15 for the radio. Got to be careful when pulling on the fuse because your hand will hit on sharp edge of inside of the dash and can hurt pretty bad or give cut on your hand so wear some working glove. Good Luck..
Driver side kick panel:

Radio fuse 7.5A - first fuse location (top left)

Dome 7.5A - third row, 2nd column

Engine compartment fuse box:

Radio 10A - last fuse (bottom right )
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