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So I've learned a lot about the EGR system over the past few days. First and foremost I watched and learned from 50's Kid below. A well constructed video that helped me whole bunch. I've cleaned all the ports, check and double checked the TVV when cold and hot and it is acting normally. There is vacuum when I attach to the Q side of the modulator under power. There is vacuum coming from to tvv from the hose that is supposed to connect to EGR. EGR test prove that EGR is good (Holds Vacuum when off and stalls when running). Here't the kicker. When I hook up to the hose that runs to the TVV from EGR it reads vacuum under power yet when I connect with a three way adapter from EGR - TVV- to Vacuum pump it does not read anything under power. This final step that should reveal that the EGR system is working under power reveals that in actuality it is not. I am befuddled. Since the line pulling from EGR shows vacuum under power until i hook it up to EGR! I'm totally missing something and it's driving me crazy.
Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated:)
Love and Gratitude,
El Dukaroo!

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