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FYI: Whiteline sway bar information

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Well I finally got my alignment. Here are the caster results:

It was posted on the board the stock caster is 0.9 - 1.3 degrees
Whiteline bar is 2.7 - 3.9 degrees (not sure why it is higher than stock on the low end)

The shop I had it aligned at has 0.5 - 1.5 degrees to be the range. With all three washers (spacers) Whiteline provides the car was 2.87 left, and 2.07 right. I don't mind that there is more caster than stock. Now, with the spacers on my tires don't rub, as when I didn't have any. But just to let everyone know three spacers will not give you stock caster, if that is what you would want. Many more spacers would have to be installed. This is just FYI for anyone who cares.
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hmmmmmmm i'll try to get my car algined this sunday and we can compare the caster #
That makes me want to go check my alignment results - I think I have a printout in my glove compartment...

Well when Whiteline send me a hardware pack. I got one nylock nut with six spacers. This is all I asked for and I'm not sure if that is a standard hardware pack for our cars or if the wrapped up just what I needed. I'm almost thinking that what I got would be for one side. I also called Global Performance Parts and talked to Zach. He said since there are six spacers three on each side would be stock caster.

Obviously I know this isn't true. Plus I measure the stock bar from the 90 degree bend right after were the bushing mounts to the part of the bar that is turned down to pass through the control arm. And it was close to 17". The Whiteline bar is close to 16". So the spacers are 2.5mm, 10 would be 25mm about an inch. If all six were used on one side that would only be 0.6".

I'm just bringing this whole thing up because what everone was first saying didn't make sense compared to what I saw and what my gut feeling was. That is why I put all three on each side and specifically asked for the alignment results, front caster for sure.

That way the car is set up now is fine. I noticed it does have a little more high speed stability over stock. The tires doen't looked pulled forward, what looking at the tire to wheel well relation. The bushing aren't as stressed from being pulled at an angle. And the tires don't run like that did. I only have tire rub when going over a deep dip. It is a spot I test all my lowered cars on. And they all fail. By the way I have new KYB's and Intrax springs.

Otherwise I'm very pleased with the results so far. And I'm glad I have more that stock caster. I think three washers on each side is good. I would want at least than many, and no less. Just my 2 cents.
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i didn't wake up early enough on sunday :(... i'll try for next sunday :)
ok it's 2.8/1.6 L/R
that is quite the difference left to right. I don't think that is with in spec?
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