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This car had seen its fair share at carwashes and dealer washes, so after hearing that, I had an idea of what the condition would look like. The paint felt rough and the build up on the wheels look like it went a year without a wash.

Before pics

Headlamp started to haze.... the sun did not expose this well...


more swirls

before interior...forgot to take an after cleaning



bad 50/50.... didn't make a tape line, but if you look hard enough, can spot some small scratches under right light

some sorta gunk

gunk gone

cleared up haze

before LSP

lettin' dry

after 10.5 hours

that's all!

Need to find ways to speed up my process... even though its not 56 hours, 10.5 is still a hefty amount of time lol. At least i'm happy with the outcome, guess that all that matters? :chug:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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