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G35 Coupe/FX35 exhaust tone

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First off, I like the G35 Coupe, but the exhaust tone is so irritating! Makes it sound like there's mice in the resonator or something. :disappoin I wish it actually has a nicer tone to it like the IS300 stock exhaust.

FX35 have the exact same exhaust tone aswell.
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yeah me too... when i first heard it at my school i thought it had a performance exhaust.. sounds nice to me..
Im with stupid, I love the sound of the 350Z / G35 exhaust note. So damn tough.
I love the sound of the engine for the G35 Coupe. I was driving beside one after work one day and he was pushing his car hard. I pulled up beside and said, "That sounds great man.." He's like "I know! I love this car!" The guy was like 60 or something too...
oh yea, i didnt mention before
i love the sound =P
its like a vvvvvmmmmmm out the 2 tips
Yeah, it's a very unique sound. I like it though. :thumbup:
If i could replicate the noice in my camry and solara...i'd do it..but a couple of partcans and no resolator (with an intake combo) still doesn't make the deep silent those exhausts make...
I looooooove that exhaust note. You do hear it with the sedan when its pushed hard, but just a lot more subdued.
I hear it anytime the car is accelerating.. I shoulda asked him for a ride since he goes to my school.
Ratko said:
Im with stupid, I love the sound of the 350Z / G35 exhaust note. So damn tough.

Agreed, its a mechanical wail that starts off as quiet and raspy with a low pitch, but grows into a sound that makes me think of a thousand angels farting in unison, so sweet.
^ yeh, farting angels and stuff... i guess...

but yes, i agree. the exhaust sounds good to me
its not thats its a farting sound! Its just a purring sound. But i do agree that its irratating and i don't like it myself. I like more 'beast' sounding engines.
i'm with EKam on this one...

it's irritating, like, there's a bunch of little rocks in the exhaust...
Well, I will say that it is unique. Every time I drive through a shopping center I hear it. All the rich shopping centers anyway...
all three sound like a ups truck when the are in at a stop and start moving.
blah....their exhaust note is nothing.....i'd need to hear a bov to impress me......
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