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hmm... by the time he showed the speedo it showed 110. and the second time it was about 125. I dont' see where he went "140"...

Did the S2k have a passenger as well? I assume the guy in the G wasn't driving and filming the video.

I just think it's not exactly a fair fight. a modified S2k vs. a stock G35. I rather see the comparisons done at the track and by a pro-driver.

298 HP vs. 240 HP (Stock)
3512 lbs. vs. 2835 lbs.

11.78lb/hp vs. 11.81lb/hp.

Of course gearing would be different. So it depends on that. BUT besides that it's pretty close on paper..

But in the video:
The extra person in the G holding the camera, is extra weight. (avg. say 200lbs?) 12.45lb/hp now.
What ever mods are done to the S2K, Intake/Exhaust. (avg. say 15 hp?) 11.11lb/hp

So I can see why the G lost, even not discussing the gear ratios.

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Well, if you guys consider a car with higher horsepower means it'll win easily isn't really true. Look at the facts between two cars. The S2000 has an exhaust, a intake, and a tweaked suspension. If you total it up, it really doesn't have that much of an advantage. The G35 still has more power, and probably the same suspension dynamics as the modded S2000. Also, the 2005-2006 S2000s have an additional 15 HP from it's previous year.

Also, even though you guys bash on Hondas, I have to say that they make one of the best transmissions for a stock car. The S2000 is no exception. The guy shifts very smoothly, almost as if it had a semi-racing tranny and all and I also rode in one and the stock one shifts pretty damn smooth and fast. The G35 shifts a bit slower than the S2000.

One more thing, Honda engines are Naturally Aspirated same as the G35, but Honda engines have the advantage. Honda engines are naturally race inspired engines. (Type R Models, S2000, NSX, etc) The redline on most of their engines hit at 9000 rpm, but you can push it further. That's the best thing about them. You can push the engine over the redline and your engine will still hold out. They were engineered that way so that you can use as much power as you can in a gear. That's why S2000s are faster even they're less powered. So, instead of looking at numbers, you gotta look at the stats and design of the car before judging.

As for the G35, that car is just too damn heavy. Take all the technology stuff out, and the back seat, then it can probably eat up that S2000 like nothing because unlike the S2000, it was more torque to push the car further. So yeah, think about it. A coupe vs a roadster. Which is lighter?

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I've seen a couple of races in person with S2000 vs 350Z or G35. Both cars were very close and it was usually the difference of a passenger which dictated the outcome.

The S2000 and the 350Z are pretty similar in class... Both are supposed to go head to head with the price and same category anyway. A friend of mine was shopping for a roadster (350Z/S2000 especially) earlier this year and he ended up choosing the S2000. I asked him why and he flat out told me that the S2000 pulled much nicer in every gear and the car felt very agile and light. The 350Z was laggy on the low-end and carried too much weight. The gearing was not as great either on the 350.

On the video, the G35 had a passenger disadvantage. Simple as that, and it lost quite badly. I am sure if the G35 ditched the passenger, the race would be neck to neck.

And no, the G35 is not an auto. An auto G35 does not even come close to an S2000 just by looking at published specs.
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