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The (locking) gas tank door on my 98 Tacoma Xtra cab 2wd will not open. The
key works fine in both passenger doors and the ignition. It fits in the gas
tank door lock fine and turns to the left, so I do not think the key is the
problem. Could it be something wrong with the latch? It is not frozen
shut. I'm going back out to spray some WD40 to see if that helps, and I'll
be checking back on the newsgroup for any replies. I appreciate any help
you can offer.

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Don't use WD 40 to lube a lock. Recommend you use a graphite lock lube for
this. One of my tundra keys won't open the gas lock because it's worn after
100K miles. The "new" key I rarely use still works. Perhaps getting a new
key cut from the code will work.
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