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gas gauge going a little crazy

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Well i just wanted to know if this is normal. My gas gauge jumps around a lot. I get in my car today it said 3/4 right on the line. I drive down the block normally at 25mph go down a couple blocks i hit a red light so then i took a glance at my gauges to find my gas gauge going nearly 1/2 way point. so i keep driving and it stays around the 1/2 mark. I parked the car did some things i had to do checked back at the car is its back at 3/4.

I'm just wondering if this is normal. because this happens a lot to me. Its not like i floor it or anything its normal 15-35mph driving nice and smoothly. This has been getting to me for a while now just never thought much about it.
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drive up and down hills or something?.. they can only be so accurate.
Recently, a few hundred Shell gas stations had to stop selling gas because of high sulfur content. The sulfur messes up your gauge's reading of the correct amount of gas.
it might be a floater sensor going bad... :(

as long as you can tell when your gas is out, you are ok... i'd start counting miles if i were you though... never know if it might totally crap out on ya
What i've heard are that Gauges never break/ go bad.
but sensors do fool!

you arent the youngest anymore....mydadstt or whatever his name is is... hes 13
my dad said the same thing about uphill down hill thing. And the answer is no. i fill up anywhere its cheap i dont stick to just shell but i filled up shell a couple of times.

floater sensor? how can i check up on that?

i mean the whole idea of it is correct. when i fill up the tank it does go up the normal way it should. But i can only see the real gas only when i'm parked for a while like an 30 min period
the whole in-tank unit has a floater, this raises and lowers according to the level in your tank... the sensor is in the intank unit as well. when the floater raises, the sensor reads the angle on the rod holding the floater... the sensor should be even (not too sensitive), so that it keeps an even read at all times no matter if you are hitting bumps or going up a hill or whatever... thats why when you fill up the gastank, the gauge goes up slowly, and not instantly... it might be a bad sensor if the level doesnt hold stable... see now...

for a pic of an intank unit go here...
this is from a supra with dual fuel pumps, but ours is pretty much the same
oh ok now i understand about the whole in-tank floater but i don't think i can really fix this problem myslef. When i fill up at the gas station it does gradually go up for instants i just filled up from 1/4 so i drove back home about 15 min trip when i got home the tank was at 1/2. after about 4 hours i went back to just check on the tank and it was really near the 3/4 bar once again.

the floater is toying with me but i guess i can deal with it.
its funny cuz i was just gonna ask the same question........i couldn't ignite my car this morning.....and once i did, the meter dropped a lot :confused:
I wish i could help but i can't, I guess the only thing you should be worrying about is if the gas is leaking or if the gas is wasting about right.
my gauge doesn't even move anymore....but it seems like my light is working i go by that and miles

but my gauge blows nuts in my camry....
my gauges does exactly the same thing, :lol:
it decides to jump up and down a 1/4 tank whenever it feels like it :p:

personally im too lazy and cheap to get it fix (if it can be fixed) but it would be nice to know if it can be fixed or not :D
Zoni_Camry said:
but sensors do fool!

you arent the youngest anymore....mydadstt or whatever his name is is... hes 13
yeh, That sucks, i need to think of somethin new....

That kid is mad post whoring...In o/t hes made like 2 threads on his first day...and he has like 10 posts and hes posted on most of the threads in o/t...
mine does it by about an 1/8th of a take only if i rev her up high for a little while .... the fule system in that car seems to be able to hold a good bit of extra gas when it increases pressure when the engine is running high ... also i think the gas goes back from the return lines and the pressure droping.... try drving granny style and see if it still does it
granny style hahaha.. funny thing is i did that today and i noticed it didn't move that much. was in the same place like a normal guage should but that was going like 25 mph always but then later i stoped then i noticed it moving up and down but not dramticly as before.
is it normal for the bottom "1/4" of the tank to drop away in about 25 miles?
Mine isn't that accurate either. The light will go on and off depending on if I am in a curve, or going up or down a hill.
just wanted to post another incedent. well i felt like putting gas in my car for no reason today. It was right on the 1/2 line. Like literally. So i put in 4.5 Gals in the tank. assuming it to get to the 3/4 lines, which it did last time. I know the gas guage takes time so i didn't expect to see it go up anytime soon. but so i drove here and there picking up my daily things. i drove a total of 15 miles in a 3 hour time period. With pit stops and what not. So i look at the gauge, its didn't go up as a matter of fact it went a little lower. So thinking maybe if i let the car settle overnight when i return to it in the morning the guage would say 3/4 or near there.

woke up checked on the car and it was same a little under 1/2. whats going on. makes no sense to me. i'm scared that the gauge isn't reading properly like to the point where is will say 1/2 tank but i really have next to nothing. i'm just going to drop about 4 gals every week and see how that works.

This is something out of the blue and most likely wont really affected my gauge but if i did the fuel treatment thing, you think it might fix the problem?
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mine is weird.. it goes down slower from full to 3/4 then it goes down faster from 3/4 to 1/2.. then lower than 1/2 it goes down slower..for example.. i drive to school and back with a full tank and i had to wait 2 days until it goes down to 3/4.. then after that, the next day i went to school and back and it went down to 1/2.. and it stayed there the next day (after i went to school and back) then it goes down to 1/4. it does that almost every week.
when i pushed the engine it goes down faster, but it goes back up after i stopped for a while..
so.. to be safe i always fill up when it goes down to 1/4 tank..
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