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gas problem

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my 93 corolla act as if it has bad gas in it after i feeled it up 2 weeks ago. it act as if it going to cut off when i stop at a traffic light. after i refeeled the it still does it. i refeeled at a different the second does some times when the car is idling in park. sometimes it hesitates when i'm going about 50-60 mph. i changed the spark plugs a couple of weeks ago. i didn't change the wires though(tight on money). could it be the wires or is it the gas or the gas pump or gas filter. could some one please help.
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Sounds like dirty injectors. Put some injector cleaner in your tank and go for a good whirl down the highway. I reckon after a good half hour doing about 100kph (60mph) she'll be a different ride! Good luck!
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