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Gas smell

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Hi, whenever I drive my car and turn the front defrost on, it starts to smell heavily of fuel inside of my car, as well as when I stop for a minute. It also smells like gas after I’ve turned it off and if you walk past the car you can just smell it so bad. I’ve also noticed that my gas seems to go faster with this issue.

Does anyone know what’s wrong with it? Thanks.
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Boss, you have a fuel leak(s) somewhere. It's difficult at best to troubleshoot this two-dimensionally. You will have to put your investigator hat on and go to work.

Start at the fuel filler neck hose and trace the fuel lines up into the engine compartment. You are looking for obvious signs of leakage: drips, stains, damp appearing areas etc. I say start at the fuel filler neck's hose to start simple. After your fuel filter things get tighter and more difficult to see. And lastly if you don't see anything you may have a leaky fuel injector(s). These can also cause symptoms that you are describing. Any DTC to report, or recent service or repairs?
Pay special attention to the fuel filter, if you have one in the engine compartment. I forgot to keep an eye on one once -- in fact, I forgot to change it after something like 8 years, and its cheap steel casing rusted through.

If you have a hat-shaped dingus (assuming a fuel-return system with the hat-shaped relief valve) on the end of your fuel rail(s) check them too. They have a habit of rusting out.
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