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Hello all! I am having some issues with my wife’s 2007 Yaris Sedan. It is a base model 1.5 with manual everything (transmission, door locks, mirrors, windows).

A couple of weeks ago the gauge cluster/dash lights stopped working completely. I checked the fuse of course and it is indeed blown. I replaced it and it immediately blew the new fuse, so obviously there is a short or something else causing excess resistance somewhere in the system. I also noticed that her door buzzer (for when the lights are left on or the key is left in the ignition) is not working. I am not sure if these are related or not, but figured I’d mention it either way.

I have spent quite a bit of time searching around for solutions, but 9/10 of the posts I have found have ended with the issue being that the owner had accidentally bumped the dimmer switch or something silly (and that was the first thing I checked of course). The other posts that are not due to the dimmer switch usually have the OP stating that their tail/brake lights are not working. The tail/brake lights on my wife’s car work fine. The only things not working is the dash lights and her door buzzer.

In short, I havnt been able to find any solutions to my specific issue, so I figured I’d check here in the off chance that someone knew of a simple fix before I start pulling things apart and going through the harness with a multimeter.

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