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gauge temperature. doesn't work????

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I have a toyota pick 2w 1994 and the temperature gauge doesn't work. I would appreciate if someone read this add and give some info. thank you.
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i have the same problem. people on here say to replace the water temp sensor
Use a test light and connect it between the temp sender wire and ground. The test light should glow slightly and the guage should move to full hot. If it does the guage and circuit are working as they are supposed to and you will be needing a temp sender.

If it does not then you will need to do further testing on the circuit.

I was going to look up the wiring diagram for that circuit but for some reason I am unable to at this time. (technical difficulties)

the temp sender has a single wire connector and I believe the wire is yellow with a green tracer.(Might be a blue tracer)
Thank For The Info. Any Of You Have Picture Of The Location For The Temp. Sensor?
I check the the circuit and it glowed also the gauge move to hot. so it seems like I will need a temp sender.
than you very much Vicoor. and keep the good wood work in this forum.:clap:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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