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gawd damn...stoopid Toyota Canada

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I almost have to ban myself from TN just in case I start reading the Scion TC threads that are on here.... it sounds so nice...even if the car's proportions are a little off...

Why does Toyota Canada have to be so secretive about their cars? I mean, leaking some information once in a while creates much better buzz than the pure speculation that abounds when NOTHING is said.

Just throw us a bone here! Turbo Vitz, rebadged TC, 2005 Celica news....ANYTHING.... Gawd....the more they keep on shafting us, the more I wanna leave the Toyota family....

Sorry...had to rant....frustrated
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Do not feel bad, Toyota in general, is very secertive about all of their projects. In fact alot of time at the press confernces we are made to sign a waiver not to relese the info till after a certain date or only certain things can be mentioned.

Toyota JP is alot worse than Toyota USA or Toyota Canada will ever be.
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