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Gear changing light - How to find the bulb?

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I have 05 Highlander Limited and I cannot tell what gear I'm in. I can only tell if I look at the dashboard. How do I replace/find the bulb?
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Same problem here on my 2001 Highlander...any info on how to get to and change the bulb would be appreciated.
Haynes manual has some pics/info.
First you 'carefully' pry off the square frame/cover around the lever on top.
Now you can see it (lead wires) at the lower left. To get a hold of the bulb socket with your fingers you need to pull the kick panel.
Oh joy.
My theory is these bulbs get toasted quick from having the dash lights rheostat / brightness adjuster turned up to MAX.
Now I'll hijack your thread to ask :
Is the lighting behind the speedo etc. bulbs or LED's ?
If bulbs ...are they and the shifter lamp/bulb the same as what the owners manual lists as 'interior bulbs' ?

They are incadecent bulbs. If they were LEDs they would out last the truck.
Just replaced the is what I did in somewhat agonizing detail:
  • Place the car in neutral (to get the cover around the shifter knob)
  • Carefully pry off the cover that goes around the shifter (I used a small chisel with a paper towel wrapped around the edge) and lift it out of the shifter knob (the lighter and DC sockets are attached)
  • Pry off the shift indicator cover
  • Locate the bulb and socket on the left; twist (don't pull) the bulb (needle-nose pliers are just about required for this) about a quarter turn and lift the old bulb out
  • Remove the old bulb and carefully remove the green cover from it so you can re-use the cover on the new one
  • Place the green cover over the new bulb
  • Put the new bulb in the socket and put everything back together
  • I was able to get replacement bulbs at a local parts store...Sylvania 74s. Only problem I had was when I put the new bulb in it was a bit loose in the socket. Making sure the bulb wires were on the side helped...I'm hoping it stays on otherwise I may have to get an OEM replacement from the dealer. :rolleyes:
Overall easy task once you know your way around...if I can handle this just about anyone else can. :)
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Nice job. It's not easy to get too! I put a LED in mine it's a little too bright so put white tape over it. It's whiter than the panel lights with a LED but you can also change those to LED and every looks white and a little more modern
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Thanks to the instructions above and the video in the other post, I was able to replace the bulb. I was hoping to use an LED, but settled for the Sylvania 74. Make sure you push the bulb all the way in and test it before you close everything back up. I have a couple of clips that came off and they're floating around somewhere in the compartment. I couldn't see them and it would be a major operation to find them. I hope they don't gum up the works somewhere else!
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