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My car has the E351 transmission and I was comparing the gear ratios to the U250E automatic that the current I4 Camrys use.

I am curious why the gear ratios on my manaual are all shorter than those on the automatic. For any given speed, the engine on a vehicle equipped with an E351 transmission will be spinning faster compared to a vehicle with an U250E.

But somehow, the city mileage on the two vehicles are supposed to be the same, per the sticker, but the manual has a 1MPG higher highway rating despite the shorter gear ratio.

What is going on here? I thought that since a manual transmission is lighter and more efficient than an automatic that it could have taller gear ratios and better fuel economy. The E351 weighs about 45 kg and the U250E weighs about 93 kg so the car would be somewhat lighter also...

BTW, what does counter gear ratio included mean?
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