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What's the Gen 1 worth?

  • $500-$1000

    Votes: 10 66.7%
  • $1001-$1500

    Votes: 4 26.7%
  • $1501-$2000

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • $2001-

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Gen 1 Camry pics

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i've received messages from a few of you wanting to see pics of my gen 1 and after washing it today, i finally got around to digging out the camera and taking them. enjoy.

i've been toying with the idea of selling it lately and looking for something awd. it has 157k on the odo, runs fine, uses synthetic oil, 2.0l SOHC, AT, clean title, my father is the original owner, exceptionally clean interior, clarion cd h/u, new kenwood speakers, silverstar lights, it's basicly loaded minus the rare sunroof and power windows. i'd like to know what all of you think it might be worth before i go about advertising it. thanks
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2wickedtoyz said:
why not photochop it and see what it can become? it doesn't look bad it just needs some flair to it. some rims a classy body kit hid's and tints and it will look sweet.
hahahahahahaha! a kit for a gen 1 camry? :lol:

there isn't such a thing. trust me, i've looked. i see what you're getting at though. i entertained the idea for a few months then decided that other than for repairs, i won't be putting any more money into it. upgrading the radio and whatnot is enough for this camry. besides, it'll still take out the ocasional civic that wants a go and the cops don't bat an eye at it. ;):)

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oh ive only ever seen Gen1 camrys in a hatchback, er... at least i think its a gen1, it ses camry on the back anyway. that look is new to me! but it looks awfully good for a car that age

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It's nice, but you might as well keep it least as a winter beater, it owes you nothing now and has more than proven its worth. My grandma had a cherry '85 silver 5-speed back in the day that I was supposed to get, but my aunt needed a car and I was only 15 (within 3 months of 16) at the time so she got it and the poor little fucker got run into the ground:(

Gen1's :banger: :respect:

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