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Gen 2 0-Gas Smell inside cabin after Tune Up

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So I did a full tune up my the recently aquired 90 Camry (2.0 4 cyl)

I have a fuel filter that I picked up also but haven't installed. The car has just under 103K on it.

I've checked under the car for leaks but found nothing.

Any ideas?

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the fuel tank is under your back seat maybe thats letting in some scent? or you had gas on your cloths and the scent went in with you ... also the other gas lines running to the engine might also be bad.

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I got home yesterday, popped the hood and saw a line squirting fuel out. So I duct taped the crap out of it, looked good when I started her, but then after a trip to Arby's it was back. Today I'm gonna remove the hose and go buy a new one and hope that was it. . .
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