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Gen 2 CV installation help

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I have the new one sitting in place now after much pain the ass!

I still have the hub hanging on by the control arm and tie rod but I can't bend the new cv enough to place it into the hub. I am trying to get the control-arm to ball-joint bolts off the hub but they won't freakin' budge! I tried impact wrench, air wrench, regular wrench all with no luck! The tie rod I guess is my only other option to take loose so I can move the hub enough to get the cv in place and slide back in.

Anyone have any thoughts?

*The CV's were my problem all along, the drivers side CV inner boot didn't even have a clamp on it and just flopped around with a touch of a hand, and every single mechanic I took it to just failed to notice that. The passenger side CV had way to much freeplay and was knocking, and now its worn. Grease everywhere under the engine bay. I spent the day cleaning :rolleyes:
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I've always remove the steering rod end from the hub to do the axles in my Camry. Just don't move the adjusting nut and everything will be fine after re-installation. You will need a 2-jaw puller to pop it out of the hub. Good luck!

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