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Gen 2 newbe help with power windows

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I have a 1991 Camry LE v6. When I got it the power windows, and power locks only worked when the door was closed. The seatbelt would only work intermittently. As time went on, the problem got progressively worse. At one point I got in the car and the windows would not work until I tapped on the door near rhe switch. In another instance the seatbelt would move a small amount as I swung the door open and closed. I took the master power window switch out of the driver door and noticed, after taking it apart that some of the leads were burned. I replaced the switch and it still did not work. I removed the inner door skin and started to look for a broken wire but have not found one yet. The power lock switch on the passwnger side works fine. I can hear a relay click twice from under the dash when I close the door. When the car is running and the doors are locked, they all open when I close the door. I could not find a fuse for the windows. Is this a common problem with a known fix or am I chasing a ghost? Could this be a bad relay? Bad harness?

Also, I am wondering what the most common oil leaks are in the 2.5 v6.

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