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i personally don't like the 2gen rx7 yhey didn't look that hot and were too heavy. i've driven a 1gen and the 2gen i haven't had the honor of getting behind the wheel of a 3gen. but out of the two i prefer the 1st cause it's lighter and it's easier to drift in it.
the specs on the ones i drove were as follows:
gen 1:headers&straight exhaust,48dcoe carb(side draft) w/trumpets, heavy port&polish,half dash, aluminum seats, stripped interior, all whell disc, air conditioning, msd ignition w/blaster coil, 13inch stock wheels, limited slip diff.
gen 2:eek:em turbo, headers,heavy port&polish,gutted,fmic no front bumper at the time, msd, injectors.

out of the two i liked the grunt of the older one it felt more alive the second was too bulky for me. and no niether suspension was upgraded they were just working on them at my school and didn't get to it till summer school.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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