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GEN 3 air intake install DIY *56k users beware!*

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GEN 3.5 Dragon air intake install DIY *56k no* *UPDATE*

Hey folks. I thought it was about time I did something to my Camry so I figured I’d do an intake. I got a sweet deal on this one from dysk8forlife and my stock intake hose was mostly busted. So while I was at it, I decided to take some pics and add a DIY for all us GEN 3 people.

* Before you begin working, read everything and please be advised my Camry is a bit different than many other 3rd generation ones out there. Also, I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong…and so on.*

So let’s get to work!

First off, here’s what you get in the box

Next, pop the hood (duh)

(yea, not as clean as that of RedPhoenix but meh, I’m lazy… so there)

I’m sure you don’t want to get a check engine light so take the time to disconnect the power. Some take off the negative lead, I took off the positive. Set it to the side as shown.

View of stock intake from the side. ****notice, my IAT is not, I repeat is NOT plugged in the intake box. In order to have the intake done like me, this is a must***

Next, snap off the four clips holding down the top of the filter box. Fourth clip is kinda hidden but look around the perimeter. Also, loosen the bolt shown. I think it was a 10mm.

Now, loosen using a flat head screwdriver on the two clamps seen in blue, then use a Phillips head to unscrew the bolt in red, and use a 10mm to take off the bolt in yellow.

With all of that done, you should be able to take off the resonator and the top of the box with the filter in it. Notice how my IAT is plugged into the side of that thing..i dunno how it was done, it came like that from the dealer.

Using the 10mm socket, remove the bottom of the box. Here you can see how my IAT is plugged in and where it is.

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Using a flat head screwdriver, take off the other clamp and remove the intake hose. I have a California model and I had to unplug some little hose on the back of the big air hose. Just simply take it off. ( notice the clean throttle body, lmao.

In my case, I plugged the yellow hose provided on top of the little California hose for future use. If you have a regular non cali model, leave that hose alone. You’ll see what it’s for later.

Now for the good stuff. Using the two rubber rings, get the one with the two different diameters and slip the one with the small diameter on the throttle body. Use a clamp to nicely secure it. get the aluminum tube and put it in as seen in the pic. Make sure the little extension on one of the sides points down and is far away from the throttle body. ( you’ll see later)

In my case, I plugged in the hose I extended from the California hose into the little extension. In your case, that is probably where you’ll want to try to secure the IAT.

Try to fit the filter on but don’t secure it yet. Make sure it doesn’t interfere with anything. Using the universal bars for fitting, bend it into the shape provided. It will bolt on using the screw from the original air box into the hole circled in red.

Now, my filter came with a hole and a screw to where I was gonna hook up the tab. In the shape I made it, it aligned perfectly fine with the screw and it bolted right on. Tightening up both screws ( on filter and on the tab) the filter is mostly secure and is not wobbly. Make sure everything is nice and secure and reconnect the battery. Before you do so, for non-cali models, make sure you plug in your IAT into the hole portruding from behind the filter. in other words, the hole that i used to put my hose in. IAT is a must for the car to function without any check engine lights so do that. I didn't because my car is just....unique, lol.

Oh, and you gotta love the license frame, haha. Well, that is all, hope this helps.

P.s. I apologize to the 56 k users but this was worth the ordeal. Peace!
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oh and lastly, performance wise, i did see improvement. not only is the engine nicely louder (not ricey... sorta turboish) i get better response in the 2,000 - 4,000 rmp range. nothing extraordinary but it feels a bit more confident. also, my downshifts are more determined and the engine revs up nicely now too. a nice visual and a tad bit of performance. so there.
Good write up
I see I inspired a lot of people to do some write ups

Oh yeah thanks for the compliment
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Hey, thats helpful, Im gonna use that to put my intake in right now... what the hell?? its not in my closet anymore! :lol:

Looks good man, glad to see it being put to use- I mailed your letter today, should be there soon :thumbup:
looks g :eek: d, why dont you take out the resonator piping from the fender too?
itll give you better flow, and reduce weight! :D
haha, if i wanted to, i would. i would aslo add a heat shield and some other stuff... but see, i'm a high school student not going to summer school. i got the whole summer ahead of me so i got TONS of time to do extra stuff.
and eh, i'm one lazy guy when it comes to working out in the sun. no garage space
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I would re-install my SRI, if there was a way to insulate. The SRI becomes awefully hot and you really do not want the intake air to get temps high, especially summer time.

Hence CAI.

Anybody been successful in insulating?

Or better yet, Insulation plus extending to fender wheel, hence becoming a real CAI.

Just my 2 cents. Come winter time, I might hook up the SRI again, if I do not sell it before then.
nice write up...good job and it is refreshing to see another CLEAN engine in the world
Good writeup. Couple things weren't clear though.

1. What to do with the hose for us peeps with non-Cali models. Honestly I still have no clue. I just taped up the hole on my intake instead where the hose would have plugged into. Anybody wanna tell me where it SHOULD go? I've been fine without it for a few years now.

2. Plugging in the intake sensor... seems like a dummy step, but since this writeup is clearly for newbies, it'd be good to include that part so that people don't forget about it and just run around without the sensor plugged in (which I did for a month when the damn rubber grommet holding it in place cracked and fell apart and I didn't notice).
Air Intake Sensor is needed, do not forget to plug it in.
first, DarkMastyr, the hose for the non-cali models isn't used. it is only for the cali people so they can plug in their extra air hose from the back of the pipe. if you're not in cali, just dispose of it or keep it for whatever...
and now to adress the air intake sensor, also known as the IAT..i think. well, as stated earlier, my sensor was never plugged into the box to begin with. i wrote the write up stating that my model was unique in that sense and in order to follow these instructions, the sensor had to be modified and plugged into that thing as seen in the pics. i'm sorry if that wasn't very clear.
and mandyfig, although it gets hot with the SRI, its not as hot as it would with the stock RUBBER intake. rubber vs. aluminum. aluminum is better with temps. rubber can change shape with some temperature, constrict and such. aluminum is pretty much stationary and isn't gonna change its shape.
:whatwhat: just my 2 cents versus yours, haha
thanks for the feedback though folks
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hey 95white, come out to the fresno hooters, and the socal meet, will ya? not many of us 3.5's around
when do you guys wanna do that? cuz i might be pretty interested in going :whatwhat:
here's the hooters meet 7/16/05

and here's the one in mission viejo 7/17/05

i'll most likely be at the hooters one, more cams will be there!
bTw, sorry about the OT.
CARB Certification and IAT concerns

Hey folks, thought I'd check back in on this.

First, concerning the IAT:

  • The IAT sensor is to be plugged into the hole of the aluminum intake tube.THIS IS A MUST! I believe it was mentioned before but I felt it should be mentioned again. For the California models: I have spoken to the representative today at Weapon*R and here's how it goes. The hole is for the IAT. The hose is for vacuum hose replacement but it is not mandatory. It's like a back-up thing. For us california models, in order to place the emmisions hose that is next to the TB we need to have a hole made into the pipe to plug the stock hose in. The provided hose is techincally long enough to replace the stock hose IF the owner wants to. In other words, the extra hose provided is a "just-in-case" item.
Now, conerning the certification of the item:

  • I know for a fact that many states such as California do vehicle inspection and inspectors hate aftermarket parts. So in order to not get into any trouble, a CARB (California Air Restriction Board) certification/exepmtion sticker has to be placed on the intake pipe. Although the intake should come with the sticker, there is no guarantee it will be there so here is what you need to do to obtain certicication: contact the company at 650-877-8280 and make sure that the intake you have is for the correct vehicle make and model. Then send in the pictures of the intake installed in your engine bay. The company will soon after they get your letter send out the certification sticker. The number on it should read D-489-1 which is the CARB number for this company and this company alone. Go ahead and visit to see the companies that are street legal and which applications are totally legit.
Okay, well, hopefully this might've cleared some things up...or made you more confused. Please feel free to PM me now since I know my way around a gen3 intake. Thanks!
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you had a dirty filter :D which is why ya got gains... but wait until the ecu plays with itself and puts the a/f ration back to shit :D
on one of his engine bay pics that he used to describe his installation, can someone please circle the IAT sensor and show me what it looks like and where it is located. I just bought a weapon r dragon intake for my 95 camry and im pretty confused with all the different parts. i would greatly appreciate it if someone could specify all the different items and their uses that came with my dragon intake. also, i recieved a small screw with a rubber stopper in with the intake system. what is this thing used for? lol
ok, circled in yellow is the IAT. a red colored sensor thing.

now, of all the things, is your car a california model or not? because trust me, it makes a difference. if not, then it makes your life that much easier

lemme explain the parts:
( for your convenience, here is the pic from page 1 again)

  • you should've gotten an aluminum pipe . that is the main pipe through which air travels. it will replace your current rubbery-plastic one.
  • should've gotten an air filter itself. that's self explanatory
  • should've gotten 2 rubber ring things. they are attached in the pic. (attached wrong but whatever) one is narrower on one side. the narrow attaches over the throttle body and is placed on the side of the pipe furthest from the little pertruding thing. in other words, place it on the other side than in my pic.
  • you should've gotten a thin rubber hose thing. basically useless in your case unless you want to remove your vacuum lines.
  • should've gotten some hardware. (also self explanatory)
  • the stopper...i dont know, didn't get one. take a pic, we'll figure it out. i think, not sure, but i THINK you ould screw that into the thing where the sensor should plug in if yours was retrofitted into another slot like mine. not sure but try it out.
any other questions? i'm glad to be of help.
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Wont work for the v6's right? Because of the MAF...
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