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gen 3 corner lights

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where can i get pink light bulbs for my corner lights and my turn signals?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts might have them. Maybe eBay. Or even run a search on yahoo.

I'm not really sure about finding pink though. Maybe.
not too sure, but please post more pics of your camry

sure isn't street legal.
nope not street legal but who cares!! and ill be posting them later today!! they r good
They're illegal because blue and red are emergency vehicle colors in America. If you get caught with them blinking, there is a hefty fine to go along with the stop. I don't know Canada's laws on this matter.
in lebanon if ANYONE say's that the lights are distracting and turn you in then you automatically get a 96.00 fine, my father is a cop, its only of they can prove it to the police which all they would have to do it show you to the cops or get your tag number....... sad huh?
really blue and red ? i always see these wanna be mexican drivers with there civic's you know the " type R " ones. with the blue turning signal. I always thought it was ok for turning signal lights. only rule i'm adware of it the reverse lights being white and the tails being red.
The rear turn signals can be red but if the front turn signals are red or blue it is illegal and can be taken as "impersonating a police officer". I had blue turn signals on my Corolla when I was 16. I was pulled over for it twice. After that I stuck with clear turn signals.

You may get by with it for a little while but eventually, everyone gets caught.
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