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what are some electrical problems you guys have had on your gen 3's??? and what were the causes and cures for these problems

i want to know because im getting ready for a complete overhaul on my 92 camry and i want to make sure the electrial system is completely taken care of especially all the trouble spots. before i re install everythign into the car.

so far the problems i've had are:
indicators dont work but my hazards do.... i think its the actual indicator switch by the steering wheel

daytime running lights stopped working only in the front.. the rears still work...

dome light comes and goes, sometimes it works but most time it doesnt

and my heater sucks balls... is it just a camry thing or is it only mine.. and my heater core is shit??? i dont wonna change the heater core if these cars are known for shitty heaters

thanks guys
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The only thing I can think of that happens quite often from experience working on them is the window regulators. Especially the front ones. We dont run DRL's down here in the US, at least not on those older ones, so not sure about that. the other stuff is probably mostly due to age more than it being a problem area per se.

As for the heater, my 94 will roast you out of the car. Put it on all the way hot and set the fan at the low setting on fresh air and in 15 minutes you will be stripping your clothes off. I know it is a different engine but I would guess the heater core and things like taht would be the same. Have you checked to make sure the hoses going to the heater core are not collapsed or anything like that. Also the valve that opens to allow water into the heater core, make sure it is operating correctly.
there's a relay in the engine bay fuse box called "dimmer" for the drls and it also controls the highbeams if that helps
my sisters heater core just blew up :(

the module thing in the trunk for the tail lights fry sometimes too.
^ sounds like a short in the rear lights
My reverse lights don't work when I put the car into reverse :rolleyes: :p The fuse isn't blown and the bulbs are fine... I think it's the neutral saftey switch, but I've been uable to find a used one anywhere... new ones cost more than the problem is worth..

occasionally when I shut the car down and take out the key the parking lights remain on... even if I shut them off via the dashboard swtich.. The only way to shut them off was to pull the fuse, so I installed a switch in place of the fuse.. That problem has recently corrected itself for some reason tho :confused:
Drivers power window, sometimes more than 1 window, not working <--- Usually broken wires in the harness ( in between the door and the body )
On my previous Camry, window regulator on rear passenger side went out and eventually the EGR/Distributor demon affected the engine forcing me to sell the car.
anyone have problems with the integration relay? if so, what did it affect? i think mines busted.
Windows stopped going up for some reason. Made things real interesting as fall became winter. I forgot the reason, but I think my mechanic said a fuse was blown.

Anybody know what the maximum extent you can overhaul your electrical system? i.e. what's the most you can do to replace/repair the electrical system?
i gots the same problem with my passenger side windows when the drivers door is half way open the windows work fine but if its fully closed they just dont wanna go up some times they dont wanna go down but mostly up it has a problem, i know theres a short some where but yeah i dont care right now cause its cold and lazy, once i find the solution ill give every one a heads up mabey ill do a DIY or something
Synwolf said:
Anybody know what the maximum extent you can overhaul your electrical system? i.e. what's the most you can do to replace/repair the electrical system?
Guess I don't know what you are asking. You can replace everthing if you want to!:D

To Answer The Overhaul Electrical System, You Can Take Apart All The Harnesses And Feed Brand New Wires Throughout The Whole Harness... Clean The Plugs, If Anything Get New Plugs ....

And The Window Problem, I Have The Same Thing Going On In The Front Passanger Side....the Motor Works And The Rails Are Tight But The Window Never Goes Up Properly.....
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