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Gen 3 header manufacturer roll call

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just so i know and also just so that the information is out there in case not everyone knows i would like to figure out exactly how many companies are fronting a header ( no S) for the Gen 3 I4 camry....5sfe of course...the only one i know of is Bosal for $479 i think...i thought i saw the name RIPP around the site but not sure anyway if you have any information regarding this post it an don't give me crap about doin a search cuz well this is needed and it's simply a roll call
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Custom Made EL Prototypes Header.

69 Bux. All we used was a gen 4 tubed stock exhaust manifold and then they custom made a down pipe section and welded it on to the stock down pipe.
by any chance are there decent gains compared to the ripp and the bosal?
I went over it before:

Damn them for no longer making V6 headers! :(
The cheapest place to get the Bosal Brospeed headers are at$301). Here is a direct link: Camry 1994

Good luck to you, if you need help with installation let me know.

What type of Gains have ben seen with the Bosal Brospeed Headers?
Mid-range and high end power.....Definitely more torque. Its worth it, I personally think Rippmods overcharge for their header, its exactly the same one.

^ Bosal/Brospeed have fitment issues. Ripp mods doesn't. It's up to you though. If you're willing to modify fitment, then get the Bosal one.
what kind of performance would you find compared to a stock header vs that thing you mentioned?
would the bosal's fit onto a 91 celica? or is there somthing Blatently Difrent between the Camry and the Celica that would prevent this?

I put in a question and this is what the man said....

At the current moment we do not deem there to be enough public demand from the Camry group. Thankyou for your interest in RIPP Modifications.

Best regards,

Joseph Cannizzo
Sales and Marketing Manager
RIPP Modifications Inc.
148 Lynhurst Avenue. Staten Island, NY 10305
Tel: 718-442-4723 // Fax: 718-442-1864

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alright thanks guys i checked out a couple of those links and now the question is....on one of those sites it mentioned ceramic coated header(s) what other types are there other than ceramic an if another type which is better? is ceramic the shiny kind or is it the dull kind i have heard the dull kind is better.
As far as I know, there have been only ceramic headers for the 5sfe camry. Ceramic is the clay stuff usually a gray looking color.

dang always i4 no v6

is there now way we can get headers for the v6. who do i have to talk to
I been looking for 6 months now. Bosal used to make them.
i'm sportin the RIPP mods header and i love it. high price, but garanteed fitment and relocation of o2 sensors.
I am sure if RIPP released a v6 header for the 95-96 1mz alot of people would but them. There IS demand, no one has really tapped into it. Maybe years back but the import tuner base has grown alot recently. Someone should take the chance and release some damn headers for the v6 and see what happens. You can count me in and Im sure you can count many others in aswell (people just don't post they lurk).
CamryPunk said:
Custom Made EL Prototypes Header.

69 Bux. All we used was a gen 4 tubed stock exhaust manifold and then they custom made a down pipe section and welded it on to the stock down pipe.
Could you explain this a little more i don't really understand? thanks
Hey if you get brosal with a 95 what do you have to do so that the cat isn't eliminated?
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