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Gen 3 KYB Mounts/Boots!

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Mods/Admins: i know this isnt the For Sale section, but PLEASE bare with me and keep it here until Monday ... just because i doubt it will get noticed otherwise

As you may know, i purchased 2 KYB Strut Mounts for the Gen 3 Camry, as well as all 4 Strut Boots & Bump Stops anticipating my new suspension ... well i dont need these anymore since i got coilovers, which means i was planning on returning them

Well, i figured i would give one of you Gen 3 guys a chance to buy them before i bring them to the Post Office to be sent back for Return on Monday.

So if you want these, shoot me a PM and i will send them to you instead of returning them!

2x KYB SM5174 [95/96 Camry, Avalon, ES300]
4x KYB SB101 [Most Applications]

figured it would be better to give them to someone who needs them since theyre brand new - AND NO, THESE WONT WORK FOR THE GEN 4 AS FAR AS I KNOW

P.S. - these are already packed and ready to ship, so i would prefer not to separate the items
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You didnt put a I dont know how they WOULD?

Are those front or rear strut mounts?
front mounts .... i provided the part # so you would know

LazyAccent is gonna get back to me today if he wants them, if not .... gonna be about $215 + shipping
LazyAccent doesnt need them .... anyone want these for their Gen 3.5, lemme know in the next 20 hrs!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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