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Gen 3 OGs: Anyone see Yukio in Subie Sport?

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My buddy was asking me about a feature WRX bugeye wagon in subie sport that mentioned something about a camry in the article last night... I said "Oh yeah, probably yukio, he used to have a sick gen 3 and then he got a bugeye wagon..." Sure enough, there was his car...

The issue was about a year old, but it was cool to see him score a feature in there. Here is an old pic he posted here:

I doubt he is ever around here these days, but props either way man!

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Thats nice! Went from supercharged Camry to Soobie wagon haha.
Gosh, I think he popped in sometime last year.We talked a minute. He said he and his family were doing well .
Forum took a loss when he left:sosad:
indeed it did... says his last login was last august, haha. I should shoot him an email or something and tell him to come visit/ give us an update on the wrx :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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