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Gen 3 Owners wif bodykits?

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Whrere did you get your kit from?? Good?? Bad?? the ugly??

thanks kevin
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First, check the FAQ. It has a nice comprehensive list of bodykits for Gen 3 and up. Scroll down to bluemeanie's post, there are a lot.
i picked mine up from ViS Racing, all the holes lined up with minimal effort, but the kit sticks out on the fenders and on the back bumper. next plan is to go get an original kit
Rod Millen for the front lip.

Razzi sideskirts and custom razzi rear piece.

all waiting to be installed. :D
92-96 RMM Lip
Razzi Sides and Rear also!!

I got the RMM lip too but hard to find someone to install it. I mite venture in to doing it myself but afraid of messing up.
HANS is where i got mine 3 or 4 years ago
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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