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Gen 3 Radiator install *DIY*

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Gen 3 Radiator install *DIY* (5s-fe)

This is very easy to do, I did the dark...with two flashlights by myself. BTW...It took me 40 mins to install an short ram intake.
First and formost, PARK YOUR CAR WHERE THE GROUND CAN GET DIRTY! Change out of pimp cloths, and into last years pimp cloths. *you still gotta look semi pimp for this.*
I used no jacks, no jack stands. Stock height. If you have a jack and some stands handy I suggest you use them. It can be done with out them and I proved it. Its just a pain in the ass.

Tools needed.
12mm and 10mm sockets, socket wrench...duh.
needle nose plyers and or channel locks.
Open end wrenches and or adjustable wrench *cressent wrench*
Cup, or bowl. *small enough to go under the car.*

1st step(S) Pop hood, set e-brake jack the car up and put it on the stands *if your one on the lucky fucks that has these items.* If not....just pop the hood.:D

Step 2. Take off the hose going into the top by squeezing the clamp with the plyers. Take off the hose going to the over flow. Find the lower hose, follow it up. Take it off where it mounts to the engine, Much easyier this way.

Step 3. Disconnect all the plugs for the fans. *these are the hardest part:lol: Take your time with them, look them over for the right way to disconnect them* I know its hard to belive, but they do come apart without breaking.:lol: **NOTE** There is one wire that has nothing to do with the radiator, but you will need to disconnect a clip that its secured in to get the radiator out. You can take your time and pop it out properly or do what I did and snip the clip and slide the wire out.

Step 4. Take off the clamps that hold the radiator in place. *2 of them 12MM bolts*

Time to get dirty! Get on your knees, lay on your back, and do what I say!
Step 5. Go under the car, take off the blots holding the black plastic panel under the radiator. *wish I had a pick, youll figure it out. Its the second pannel inwards.* I think there are 10 bolts, mabey less. take all of these bolts out **10MM socket** Drop the plastic panel out.
This is where that jack would have came in handy!
***Skip 6 if you have m/t***

Step 6. Locate where the transmission lines go into the radiator. Try to take the hose off of the hardware. If it won't budge than you have to break out the open end wrenches/or cressent wrench and disconnect the hardware from the radiator itself.

Step 7. Pull the radiator out, lay it down fan side up and grab your 10mm again.

Step 8. Disconnect the sensor for the fans from the radiator. *unplug it, unscrew sensor. Take the lower hose off of the radiator and swap it to the new one. *Take the rubber bushings from the bottom of the radiator and place them back into their spots under the hood. *where the radiator goes*

Step 9. Take all of the screws out to take off the fans, swap fans onto new radiator and reverse step 8. Plug the sensor back in.
If you are not going to use the new transmission line hardware, test fit them on the new radiator and make sure they fit and they do not move. THEY MUST SEAL UP OR YOUR GUNNA BE IN SOME SHIT! If they are loose when tightened all the way down, tighten the bolts on the radiator where these fittings go, test fit them until they are tight. *I didn't do this and ended up spending 10 mins under the car fixing it.*

Step 10. Place radiator back into the car. *DON'T FORGET THOSE BUSHINGS!!!*

Step 11. Bolt the radiator back in *12MM*

Step 12. Put all the hoses back on, connect all the wires. *Now you see why I told you to take the lower hose off where it mounts to the engine??* Connect the tranmission lines, ****MAKE SURE THESE ARE VERY VERY TIGHT, THEY SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE AT ALL! If you take my cautions as a joke, your gunna be bathing in trannie fluid when you start it up.****

Step 13. Fill the radiator with a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze.
Start the car up, check for leaks. With the radiator cap off run the car with the heat on full blast to bleed the system, fill up as it gets low.

Step 14. If you leaked out trannie fluid...check it once your sure everything is in order and you have no leaks at all. *start car to check trannie fluid*.

Hope this helps.
BTW, I think we should have a diy section on the forum.
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