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Gen 3 Rear Drum to Disc Conversion Part 4 (w/ photos):Install Brake cables & Calipers

In part 3 I showed how to switch out the backing plate with drum shoe assembly to the disc brake backing plate with parking brake shoe assembly and to reinstall the hub bearing. In this last part (Part 4) I will show the installation of the disc brake parking brake cables and the V6 Camry rear calipers, rotors, and pads. Here we go with our finishing steps:

1. Starting with the driver's rear side you will lead the parking brake cable coming out of the backing plate back onto the car into the same locations from which the drum shoe parking brake cables were positioned. The cables are exactly the same, except for the connection to the backing plate, which is why they have to be switched. This is the first connection by the driver's rear wheel well. I used new fasteners instead of the rusted-out ones:
2. Next in line:
3. At this point, I went ahead and repeated steps 1 and 2 for the right side of the car. No photo needed, since it's the same thing.

4. Now, I skipped ahead to the end of the cables where they link in with the bracket that connects them to the single cable that is attached to the parking brake lever. I put anti-seize on them. The cables cross before this, so the one on the left is actually for the right side. You can see the left side cable end at the right. It will go in next:
5. Now go back just a little and attach the plastic spacers to the bracket that is behind the bracket to which the ends of the cables attach. The drum brake cables had yellow spacers, but the disc brake cable spacers are black. My two fingers are pointing to the spacers already attached to the bracket:
6. Keep moving back and attach these brackets. Make sure they are positioned exactly as seen in the photos:

Here is a photo of where the cables cross a little bit to the rear of the previous photos:
7. Now put in the heat shield and the fasteners (one at the front, two at the rear):
Heat shield is installed:
Now that the P-brake cables are installed, it's time time to install the calipers, rotors, & pads. But first we will:

8. Lubricate the parking brake shoes where they make contact with the backing plate. Use a screwdriver to separate the shoe from the backing plate and use a brush at the contact points. I use black synthetic grease for disc brake calipers:
9. Adjust the star wheel to minimum (turn all the way down) and put on the rotor. If you want, put three lug nuts on finger tight to hold the rotor in place while doing the caliper/pads installation:
10. Take all the caliper bracket hardware clips and wire brush the rust or corrosion off. This will help the pads to slide better (you can use new hardware if you want, but wire brushing them works fine for me):
11. Install the caliper bracket:
12. And install the bracket bolts on the other side (yellow dots) and torque to 34 ft lbs:
13. Lubricate the bracket hardware (or the pad contact/slide points in the next step if you want):
14. And install the pads:
15. Liberally lubricate the slider pin at the top and put on the caliper. Lubricate the bolt that goes at the bottom and torque to 14 ft lbs (I made it slightly tighter than that):
16. Use two new brake hose washers on either side with the banjo bolt and thread it into the caliper:17. Make sure the hook goes in the depression:18. Torque to 21 ft lbs:
19. Do the same on the other side.

Here is the finished product:
20. You can adjust the star wheel through the adjustment hole at the 6 o'clock position. Rotate the rotor. Adjust the star wheel up until the rotor locks and you can't turn it. Then, adjust it down 8 clicks. This should be the correct adjustment for the parking brakes.

21. After doing the other side, and flushing/bleeding the brakes with new fluid, and putting the wheels on, operate the parking brake lever when the car is at a slight incline. The car should stop moving between 5 and 8 clicks of the lever. If it takes more than that, you can adjust the lever by removing the console. Sorry, no photos of that. You will find the adjustment bolt with two nuts on it. Loosen the top nut (red arrow) and tighten the bottom nut (green arrow) a few turns. Then tighten the top nut (red arrow). Try the lever. Keep doing this until the car stops moving after 5 to 8 clicks of the lever:

Congratulations: You are finished with the drum to disc brake conversion!

To go back to the very beginning (Part 1) click here:

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Nicely done! All 4 parts of your DIY are added to the sticky in the "Performance Mods" section towards the bottom.
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