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How hard can it be?
2006 Pontiac G6 GT
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Since there have been other generations signing up... why not jump on the bandwagon? ;)
We can chat things up so we don't clog the Camry forum with our posts. There are plenty of knowledgable people here that can help out!
-We can discuss certain issues people's cars are having as well... this will make the camry forum less cluttered in the long run!

-Include in Your 1st Post-
Trim Level:
Major Mods:
Planned Mods:

Trim Level: V-6 XLE
Major Mods: Leaned out A/F ratio, Sharper shifting tranny, Acetone
Planned Mods: Red out tails, Black Pearl Emblems, Toxico Struts and Eibach springs.

Major Mods:
9005 Low Beams, SilverStar Headlights, Clear bumper lights, Shaved Emblems, Sony HU + all of my first one.
Planned Mods: Black Pearl Emblems (Still), S2000 Antenna, OEM Struts/ eibach springs.
Everything else that I failed to mentioned is an omission either because I found it pointless or didn't have enough $$$ for. ;)

Lex Zues!
95 Camry
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Name: Matt
Year: 95 Camry
Trim Level: LE 2.2L
Major Mods: Motegi FF7 Rims, KYB GR2/Eibach Pro, Headlight Conversion, SQL System - Diamond Seas Pioneer and Dayton, Otto Racing Intake w/ K&N filter, etc
Planned Mods: Turbo. Turbo. Turbo. Expected to be boosted around Spring Break.

Rest of the new photos can be seen here.

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Name: Ed
Year: 1995
Trim Level: I4 LE
Major Mods: Eclipse CD5000 headunit, Polk MOMO MMC-6500 components, MTX TC3002 amp, clear corners, clear bumpers, 9006 to 9005.
Planned Mods: CCFL interior lighting, interior bulb to LED conversion, custom shifter, aluminum pedals, rims, carputer, shorty antenna, angel eyes, springs, struts, headlights.

I don't have any photos yet other than the above dealership pic.

I'm a Mac
DD - 94 Mitsu 3000GT
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For those of you who are trying to PM me, my box is WAY overfull because my supreme membership ran out and i havent renewed it yet.

For those who are wondering why my webpage is still the same as it was in the spring, that is because i havent finished the turbo project yet. when i do it will be completed with pics anf everything.

For those that want to know about future performance parts that i will be designing and selling along with luis as we begin to start our company, a Catback exhaust and CAI for both 5sfe and 1mz will be up for group buy this week or next. Into mid january we will be doing headers for 5sfe and a header/y-pipe combo for 1mz. I have to meet with luis to go over a schedule for everything and put it on the calendar.

On to my car..... As you will notice, i've made some category changes.

Name: Dave Zoni

Year: 94 mainly. maybe other years' parts have been put on.

Trim Level: mostly LE... again, who knows now.

Engine: 5sfe auto swapped to 1mz standard. Garrett GT-32 turbo, Tial BOV, Tial WG(not installed, using internal for now), 360cc injectors, custom fuel fittings and routing, aeromotive FPR, all piping custom made by me, Magnaflow Hi-Flow CAT, 5 Zigen Muffler, Polished front valve cover, Summit Mustang radiator, dual flex-a-lite performance fans with temp. switch, flexible stainless steel radiator hoses, A/C removed.

Drivetrain: '97 manual tranny, spec stage III clutch, fidanza flywheel, custom hard clutch line from the master cylinder to the slave. no rubber hose!

Electronics: Apex S-AFC II, Innovate LM-1 wideband o2, greddy turbo timer, greddy boost controller, Autometer gauges for MPH, RPM, Fuel Level, Fuel Pressure, EGT, Oil Pressure, and Boost. (Replacing the stock cluster with a custom unit). Optima Yellow Top moved to the trunk.

Audio: Clarion Head Unit, Clarion EQ, 2 Kicker Amps, 1 Kicker 12" Sub, 2 Infinity Kappa 6x9's, 2 Infinity Kappa 6.5"

Interior: Somewhat gutted. Coupe junkyard carpet that doesnt fit right. Looks like shit.

Exterior: CF Trunk, CF Invader Hood, RMM 95-96 front lip on a 95-96 bumper, Clear Lens Headlights & corners, clear bumper lights, red/clear tail lights, brand new 92-93 SE (black) center trim panel, 17" Motegi FF7 wheels in hyperblack w/ silver lip, Nitto Neo Gen 225/45 Tires

Planned Mods: Get the bitch running and tuned!!! finish the gauge panel! Start a spare engine buildup. Install the sideskirts and rear bumper i've had in my basement for almost 2 years. Get a PAINTJOB! Different turbo with a built motor, bigger intercooler with that, custom intake manifold, custom fuel system, LSD, axles, Full EMS, clean up the interior, racing seats, etc... I dunno.... we'll see...

For those of you who want to turbo and dont know where to begin, just start saving money, and then start talking about it when you have like 3 grand saved minimum. Trust me it is a huge money pit, and you will wonder where all your hard work and money went... I've worked a shitty waiter job for the last 5 years and all i have to show for it is the list of mods above. My personal life has suffered, and my parents are constantly pissed at me because of the mess that it all involves, along with the fact that i stopped going to college and now i have ambitions of opening a business doing performance parts design and fabrication along with installation. Basically when i got this car in the winter of 2000-2001, it changed my life. THINK before you start pissing money and time away people! Make sure it is really what you want to do. For those of you who want to piss the money away, buy parts from me! :)

Art In Motion
95 2Door Camry
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Name: B-Rad
Rides: 95 Camry Coupe 5-speed and 99 Acura TL shift-tronic
Location: Missouri
Major mods: ACT stage 2 clutch/ 75 shot NX express/ 18" Motegi (street)/ 20" ICW (show)/ ViS Cyber 2 full body kit/ 3ARacing seats/ B&G lowering springs/ Custom Cat back exhaust/ Ram Air intake/ 5% tint all around (cept the windshield of coarse)/ Custom black velvet interior
Plans: forged internals on a 5SFE swap for future ct-26 turbo/ Smoked tail lights/ More stickers (decals add horsepower!!! j/k)/ Carbon Fiber invador hood

spin turbo hammy... SPIN!
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Name: Nathan
Year: 1995
Trim Level: LE
Major Mods: oh man...

Engine Mods
5SFE I4 Engine
Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil
TRD Shortshifter
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
Spec Stage III 6 puck clutch
Full Race Ported and Polished Head
Metal Toyota Headgasket
Unorthodox Underdrive Crank Pulley
NGK 6097 Spark Plugs gapped 0.030
Magnecor Competition KV85 Race Wires
HKS SS Blow-off Valve
Greddy Evo Custom Cat-back Exhaust
Greddy Profec A Boost Controller
Greddy Turbo Timer
Greddy eManage piggy-back
Greddy eManage injector and timing harnesses
Greddy oil catch can
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator
Under the hood fuel pressure gauge
Toyota - Lexus 2jzge injectors
Toyota CT26 Turbo
K&N filter
3SGTE Turbo Manifold
3SGTE Heatshield
Custom speed-source downpipe
Custom speed-source intercooler piping
Custom speed-source oil dipstick
Custom speed-source love
Front mount intercooler by Johnnyracecar
Lo-Tec A-pillar Gauge Pod
Autometer Pro Comp EGT gauge
Autometer Pro Comp Boost gauge
Autometer Pro Comp Oil Pressure gauge
AEM wideband O2 sensor and gauge
Optima Yellow Top

Suspension - Rolling and Stopping
Hotbits Full Coilovers (custom settings 7kgF/5kgR)
OBX Strut Tower Bar
Whiteline Rear Anti-Roll Bar
Whiteline Rear Polyurethane Bushings
Whiteline Front Caster Bushings
Custom Polyurethane Front Engine Mount
5Zigen Hyper 5ZR 18" X 7.5" Rims
Cooper Zeon 2XS tires (225/40)
For the track, Toyota OEM 16" Rav4 Painted Black
For the track, Falken Azenis Sport 205/55
Brembo Cross-Drilled Rotors Front
Brembo Cross-Drilled Rotora Back
KVR Carbon Fiber Brake Pads Front
KVR Carbon Fiber Brake Pads Rear

Custom Projector Headlights Conversion (via tony the tiger)
Catz HIDs bulbs, ballasts, etc.
Misc. Polarg and Raybrig Bulbs (still orange)
Clear Turn Signal Lenses
Clear Corner Lenses
Custom Side Markers

Cosmetic & Miscellaneous - Exterior
Custom Spectra Blue Mica Paint
Rod Millen Front Air Dam
Erebuni Rear Valence
Shogun Side Skirts
VIS Carbon Fiber Hood
Special Carbon Fiber Trunk
Sparco Hood Pins
Depo clear rear turn lenses
TRD Engine Oil Cap
TRDRadiator Cap
TRD Gas Cap
Custom Carbon Fiber B-Pillars
Gen 3 trunk panel
Custom Upper Mesh Grill
Celica/S2000 Radio Antenna Conversion
Vinyl - Scep Kansai, Team Hamster,,

Cosmetic & Miscellaneous - Interior
Full Custom Interior Blue and Black (seats, dash, doors, headliner, carpet EVERYTHING)
TRD Steering Wheel with SRS Airbag
Momo Combat Evo Shift Knob
Momo Performance Shift Boot
Momo Pitstop Handbrake Cover
Levoc Racing Pedals and Footrest
Blue Carbon Fibre Trim
Custom Carbon Fiber tweeter backs

Audio & Security
Pioneer DEH-P670M CD/Mp3 Player head unit
Pioneer TS-C1652 Component Front Speakers
Pioneer TS-A6949 Rear Speakers
Pioneer CXB-2495 Remote Control
Kicker 600.1 subwoofer amp
Kicker Solobaric 10"L7 Subwoofer
Custom plexiglass sub box
Autopage RF410 keyless entry and alarm
Escort X50 8500 Radar detector, RED

Planned Mods:
-custom yellow yellow projector highbeams from an es300 ( to be done this summer?)
-RC engineering injectors (440cc) - got them sitting, don't know if i need them though
-pioneer in-dash touchscreen DVD (need a little bling)
-new paint job, same spectra blue mica but panda black top to match the carbon fiber hood and trunk
- custom head gasket - drop the compression, up the boost
- perhaps a new front end in the mix... we shall see ;)

TN's Resident Goddess.
2007 Camry SE
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Name: Lauren
Year: 1995
Trim Level: LE
Major Mods: Does finishing school count? Nothing major or pricey right now until I get out of school. I do have an Alpine cd player in there and silverstars. I run Mobil 1 syn.
Planned Mods:

-Lowering springs
-Tires and rims
-CAI and exhaust

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Name: kite
Car: 95 LE Coupe; 2.2/Auto

Mods: Tokico struts; H&R lowering springs; C.F. rear deck lid; [edit\] something else I forgot about.. my whiteline rear swaybar; Optima Red Top; AMSOil; Magnecor KV85 wires (I was bored n had some cash); back seats either. but thats just coz I was moving n wanted to fit an extra box in my car. yeh, i know, lame excuse; S2000 antenna; Also an Alpine CDA-9847 mp3/wma/cd (for those long cross country trips thru the south & mid-west) & a Broadway blue tinted mirror. [/edit]

Plans: diy manual trans; diy pipes; turbocharge; but i wanna go to school first. or maybe i'll just get a 240 and put a header/custom intake on the cam n call it a day. spend more time n money on a Silvia..

1994 Toyota Camry
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Name: Javier Gil
Year: 1994
Trim Level: LE i4
Major Mods: Magnaflow exhaust, [the rest of the mods aren't major, but I'm going to list them anyways] Clear bumper lights, smoked tail lights, 5% window tint, reverse glow gauges, custom grille, carbon fiber shifter.
Audio: Pioneer HU, 1100w Audiofonics amp, 2 12" MMATS subwoofers with ported boxes, Pioneer front and rear speakers.
Planned Mods: 17" rims (on their way), either Eibach or H&R springs (ordering next week), clear headlights.

Nitrous Ab(user) ......
94 Camry V6 XLE
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Gen 3

Year: 1994
Trim Level: V6 XLE
Major Mods: ZEX 82021 wet nitrous system, Tokico struts, Whiteline RSB, Ractive Strut Bar, 17" Rage Breaker wheels, Walbro Fuel pump upgrade, upper intake ACIS mod, Acetone addition, Iridium plugs, de-burr and polished plenum and intake runners.
Planned Mods: Optima red top battery, soon

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My GEN 3

My post is gonna look like crap following some of these guys, but its helping me shop for ideas.

Name: Brian

Year: 1993

Trim Level: LE V6/auto

Major Mods: Leaned out A/F ratio, Red Guages and HVAC, red lights under dash, Aiwa sterieo, speakers: Kenwood 2-ways in front and craptacular sony xplode 3-ways in back. Clear Bumber lights. Upgraded headlight bulbs.

Planned Mods: Exhaust (either try to find headers for 3vz or do from y-pipe back), lowering springs and new struts, CAI, new headlights (mine are foggin), Maybe rims (I spent a $500 on the tires I have on steelies), body kit (big maybe).

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Amerikim's 1993 V6 LE...
186k miles.
Banging around in Portland Oregon since 2004.
Did stuff, doing stuff..don't know what I am going to do.
Stuff changed so far;

1) replaced with reconditioned transmission
2) replace both drive shafts
3) wheels and tires upped to 215/50-R17, most suspension components changed (incl whiteline & Tokico)
4) leather seats & steering wheel.
5) misc electronics and electrics.
6) repaired leaky valve covers (the stink of burning oil is gone)
7) removed air box and put in K&N Pod. Sounds aggressive at higher RPM.
8) replaced plug wires and plugs (NGK), really like that I got some MPG back.
9) Drilled and plated Brembos w/akebono pads.

To Do next;
1) recondition leather. Seats looking a little beatup.
2) exhaust, probably magnaflow parts through with 2.25" or 2.5". May figure out some 'Y' pipe solution, depending on shop. No turbo plans.
3) Interior mods, mostly what I consider improvements like insulation, repairs, etc.

2006 probably be the last year for working this ride.
It will still be a good car when I am done though.

Edited for milage update.

not your average bear
95 1mz-fe
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My name's Stu

I've got a 95 1mz-fe

Its got LED strobes in the grill for the fire department, a 760 watt amp powering a 15 inch sub in the trunk and a pioneer deck.

I'm gonna have to try out that acetone trick that I have been reading so much about. Maybe going to try a CAI if santa decides to bring it.

98' LGT
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Name: Max Keener
Year: 1996
Trim Level: DX
Major Mods: Shaved side molding, shaved trunk, shaved front bumper, custom grill, Repainted "star burst Metallic blue," 20% tint, Pioneer DEH-4700, Redone interior (black and blue, not done yet), painted all chrome trim black.
Planned Mods: Repaint (Don't rush paint jobs, they come out not-so-hot) with same color or darker blue. black 17's, driving lights, fog lights. Sub box for 2 10" subs. Finish redoing interior, move battery to trunk. Keyless entry/ alarm. small drop?

The Greek....
96 Camry
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Name: George
Year: 1996 Toyota Camry
Trim Level: 2.2L DX
Major Mods: K-Sport Coilovers, BBS RK's, Stoptech BBK, Rear V6 Disc brake Conversion W/ Powerslot rotors and SS lines, TRD RSB, RMM Front lip painted gloss black, Custom Projector retrofit with CATZ HID's, Rare TRD STeering wheel With SRS airbag, Shaved 3.5 Rear panel, 5% tint.
Planned Mods: Custom Turbo Kit....


Still confused...
95 camry coupe v6
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Name : Alex
Year : 1995 (built 12/94)
Trim level : 2.2 L LE
Major Mods : WeaponR SRI; gen4.5 OEM CD/Cass/AM FM deck; APC Super White 4000k 9006; Nokya Hyper Yellow 2500k 9005
Planned mods : 16 or 17" rims, H&R springs, KYB GR-2 Struts, magnaflow muffler.
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