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Gen 3, Stock vs. Aftrmrkt Stuts/Shocks

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I have a 93 Camry SE w/ about 100k miles on it. I've been riding on which I believe are worn out and still the original shocks/struts that make a "ur ert" sound when drving over bumps.

How do you know if it's no good?

I've been thinking about either OEM or Tokico, Koni or other aftermartket ones.

Which aftermarket is best considering my factors?

What will last longer OEM or aftermarket?

I like the ride of the OEM but will aftermarket change the ride or just better the handling? I have non-sealed struts. I saw the bolt on the topof the strut body. I don't plan on lowering the car just causes to much wear and tear on the suspension unless I'm wrong.

Where will I find cheap stuts/shocks, either OEM or Aftermarket?

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Since I know someone's going to tell you this, please use Search. If you look at the Camry FAQ in the Camry forum, you'll find this info. I'm planning on getting Tokico's sometime in the future, but am wondering about the ride quality with stock springs. Also, you'll probably want to get new strut boots/mounts (not cheap).
Hey man, if u wanna to buy oem struts and springs!!

I have the whole set. I have sealed strut which only used for one month then i sold the car and took it off. I wanna to sell it coz i want to move to California soon.

So if u are interest, please email me or leave a msg in here

Strut brand: monroe (aftermarket oem strut)
Spring : oem factory strut.

i will just charge for 35 bucks a set. and 30 dollars for shipping within States.

Thank you
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