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Gen 3!!

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what are the best kind of headlights like the brightest and i saw a picture of a gen 3 camry on this site and it had the "projector" headlights i think?? where can i get those
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best and brightest have been proven to be OEM light bulbs.
I love my SilverStars:D OEM sockets, with some mad white brights

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^^^xXjamesXx...have any more pics of your ride? If so please post them cause I wanna see more!!
not yet!! but lots soon to come im leaving 4 panama city on the 13th and my car goes in the body shop the 14th so im depending on my parents to take pics 4 me hahhhahahha but yes as soon as i get them they'll b on here
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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