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Gen 4.5 Dome Lights, How The Hell Do I Get Them Out!??!?!

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hey guys, i have a problem, i cant get either of the dome lights out, im afraid to scratch the plastic if i use a screw driver or something.....grrr, any help would be really appericiated.

Also, i know the bulbs are 3175DE, is that same as 3175, is it a 31mm or a 36mm bulb? Thanks guys!
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to get the cover off, wrap a screwdriver in a paper towel, and pry it from the oppiste side of where the switch is... (there should be an indentation)

to get the bulb out, just pop it out with that same screwdriver.

i highly reccomend disconnecting your (-) battery terminal. ive blown the fuse twice alkready. its really easy to blow it by changing that bulb. even if its in off position.

its the 31mm
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