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Gen 4.5 Exhaust System

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hey guys I took a look at my exhaust a while ago and this is how it goes, can someone explain what each part is/does and if that part is taken off if there would be a power increase? Thanks:

------[ ]-----[ ]---------------------------[ MUFFLER ]

i took off the muffler before, it was just loud, didnt notice power gain, maybe even loss due to no back pressure? I also took off the 2nd from the left thing (another muffler?) and it was fuuuuuuckin loud, and maybe it was just me but i felt a bit of an increase in power, it was VERY loud, i filmed it and will post a video up later hehe :D

sorry im a newb :hammer: thanks!
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:slap: have you not searched or read ANY of the countless threads on exhausts here??? :bash:

if you want some kind of power gain and want to pass emissions get an exhaust system for your car...taking off the catalytic convertor and making it have a basic straight pipe is not only loud but annoying...but that's just my opinion :rolleyes:

that 2nd thing from the left is the resonator.. thats what tone down the loudness
yeah basically what you saw was engine -> cat. converter -> resonator -> muffler
What about those JDM? kind of setups. My friend was telling me about this...

INstead of the pipe going over the axel? or something it went under. They also took off the cat converter. And their exaust was smelly as hell. But i think it helps if your running a turbo?
i dont care about passing emissions, so i can take anything off, except the cat converter cause i belive that has a sensor on it, and its not that easy to take off anyways.....
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