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Gen 4.5 H/lights into Gen 4 wiring PLEASE HELP

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Hi all, I have managed to get some twin headlights with the halo sidelight. The problem is mine is a gen 4 and these are from a gen 4.5. Now we have made alterations and got them to fit but now I have a problem that I really need help with.
The original headlight had 1 bulb for dipped and main ie 3 pin plug.
The new ones have two, two pin plugs. Outer being dipped and the inner lighting up on main beam.
How do I split the wiring down from one 3 pin to 2 two pin plugs.
PLEASE help I am really stuck on this.:headbang:

We have just fitted a complete Cobra lowering kit and drilled/ grooved brakes all round as well as the headlights so I will get some pics done once we've sorted the wiring,
Thank you all
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There's a DIY on how to fix this in the DIY section. Search around.
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