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Gen 4.5 trd FSB Q? (Newbie)

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Hi, all, I'm oringally from corolla forums. I recently bought a 2k solara trd strut bar for my bro as a gift. He got a 2.2L 2000 camry, I believe is a gen 4.5.

Anyhow, the strut towers on the car seem to be a bit wider than the strut bar, and no way the bar could fit on there. There seems to be a mix result on this mod, some fit, some don't. I really want my bro to have this gift, can anyone here help me or point me to the right direction?

I apprecite all ur help, and I thanks in advance.

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bump, anyone? I've done this on my corolla, just couldn't figure it out on the camry.
strut bars from '00 Solara will fit '97-'01. However, some ppl have reported hood (insulation) clearance issues.
soluscub: i have the same car as your bro and i put a 00' solara strut bar on. itll fit, but like phi said, there are "hood insulation clearance issues". last time i popped my hood, there was grime on the bar from the insulation. thats the only prob ive encountered
hey phi, what will happen if i take the insulation off. im thinking of taking it off for the strut bar, or at least cut the section where the strut touches
Problem solved, STB was defective, sent me a replacement, no more problem.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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