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Gen 4 Camry Drive Axles

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Name: Chris
Location: Chapel Hill

During my third clutch replacement this week, I ripped my passengers axle boot. I didn't feel like messing with replacing the boot, so I bought a whole new axle. I bought the drivers side axle first on accident, so I decided to keep that and go buy the passengers side too.

So now I have both OEM axles that work just fine. They are ABS axles, but will work with non-ABS models. From the I4 auto, but I had them in the I4 manual so they'll work with either transmission. Not for the V6. The threads aren't stripped, the splines aren't boogered up either. The passenger side bearing isn't seized or sticky.

Like I said, all the passenger side needs is a $10 boot kit to fix, but the store I was at didn't have any and I didn't wanna mess with it.

I'll sell the passenger axle for $20, the drivers axle for $40 or both for $50.
Those prices do NOT include shipping. I have axle sized boxes with supports inside to ship with, so they will be shipped securely. I can't imagine shipping being more than $30-40 in the US.

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